Monday, September 6, 2010

Portland, Maine

So I headed up to Portland to take a break from life. Everyone I met was like why did you come here. When I told them I wanted to relax and get away, every person i talked to was like... hahaha no seriously why did you come here..... Given, you can visit the entire city in three days, but it really is a remarkable place. If you have a significant other I'd suggest looking up resturants on I believe its called wharf street. It's a cobblestone road a block away from J's Oyster Bar. Just make sure if you are bringing a girl she stays away from heels cause the entire road is cobblestone. Night life is pretty awesome, I mean you will never get close to NYC nightlife in Maine, but its decent enough to have a good time. So check out the views, be a tourist. No one cares as long as you drink, eat and live.