Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 Dudes 1 Booth

I'm starting off this event with a picture of my new party friend for the night and myself. Her name is Lauren and she likes to dance. So I'm going to tell you about this night and why it was so good. Oh, and try to do it all in a picture story so it should be fun
Sooo..... There were twooo brothers Jayson and Jeff

They had two goals in mind for the night....

Get smashed...
and dance
Oh God why and I doing this?!?
Lets move on
So with the help of these two amazing Dj's ..
(REKLES and DJ Full Time Fun)
They sought out to accomplish their goals
So they danced and got smashed and everyone partied hard

and we all lived happily hungover

See you at the next one you wild crazy guys!!!
dj full time fun
Jayson Ramos
Jeff Ramos

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