Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lost with Style

Aside from the picture of the little girl, I took the other pictures when I was in dire need of a vacation . So I went away to Ocean City, NJ in late October. After half the day of sitting on the porch getting drunk, loosing my mind, drawing, and listening to ratatat. I finally managed to clear my head and work on some new techniques. So let me know what you think.


Jeff Ramos said...

if you're doing vignettes in post processing, there is better ways to do it that don't leave a those thick black edges on it but still achieves the same effect

Christopher James said...

its not a border its a lighting technique I need to work on more, but that's just the process of trial and error for ya : )thanks though sweetheart love u much and thanks for the constructive criticism. The lighting works great except for when you have a bright background color I really do need to work on a form of consistency with the cropping of my pics though. When I was using 35mm back in the day every picture was suppose to be different. Now, the way those look its just enough to make someone with O.C.D. hang themselves